About the Mountain Traveler...

     As we sat on a bench waiting for nightfall at Anna Ruby Falls, it was hard to determine exactly what had our boys so charged up. You see, we stopped in Helen for a treat on our way to view the bio-luminescence called “Foxfire” on a guided night hike. The sugar was doing its trick, but the anticipation of what they were about to see also played a factor. However, once we reached the falls with our red-lens flashlights, the boys had calmed down just enough to savor the splendor of this natural phenomenon.

    The mountains of North Georgia have something for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot beside a gurgling stream to read a book or some whitewater to slip your kayak in, we have it all. The Chattahoochee National Forest offers endless opportunities for hiking, camping and outdoor adventure. And the communities that dot the map have some of the most unique stores and mouth-watering restaurants you’ll find anywhere. Bringing you this regional publication, a homespun guide to Northeast Georgia, requires the combined efforts of five community newspapers.

  Our newsrooms, which keep a finger on the pulse of our communities, boiled down the content especially for you. The Mountain Traveler features interesting facts about the area, short stories, a map to meet the traveler’s needs, a calendar of events, information on hiking trails and guides to waterfalls.

  So, welcome to Northeast Georgia. You have picked the perfect spot to get away and we’re excited you’re here. You’ll quickly find out this is a charming place to visit or live. And I can only hope you’ll get half as excited about your visit as our boys were the other night at Anna Ruby Falls.

Y’all have fun now.

Alan NeSmith, Publisher

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